Medical Tourism

Warm Greetings!

Thank you for showing interest to become our partner in Medical Tourism in Tanzania. here are our company details for your kind reference.

Medical Tourism department founded in 2017 under Haleluya Tours Company Limited a registered company with Reg No.136963. The main objective is providing complete, ethical, hassle – free medical travel at no extra or hidden cost by being a common platform of accurate, complete, transparent, trusted information where our clients and healthcare facilities can find each other.

We have already identified and linked up with reputed doctors and hospitals In USA,CANADA,GERMAN who showed interest to work with us.

We facilitate treatment with the doctors we known and hospitals we trust. We set a quality assurance system in place to provide the international standard of care to our clients.

We provide complete peace of mind care experience by helping our clients to overcome challenges of language and other barriers such as food, accommodation, and travel in a diverse environment.

To make our clients more comfortable and confident, we provide pre-arrival consultation with concern treatment provider, we also provide follow- up arrangement / consultation at clients home through our partners in care.

From the health care facility perspective, we give room to widen their reach a bigger pool of clients, who cannot be served in time due to lack of facility or budget at home.

The department is run by peoples with the medical background under Dr Alex Mrema MD,. Our clients will have access to our vast expertise and quality treatment with affiliates that ensures the best possible medical travel outcome.

Our Vision is striving to be the Tanzania’s leader in medical tourism, Client experience and satisfaction by 2025.

Our mission is to provide ethical, high quality, safe, affordable medical tourism to create the better everyday life for our needy clients by proving accurate, reliable information and facilitating treatment with doctors we know, health care facilities we trust. We exist to create experience where passion for cure and purpose come together.


At Medical Tour we understand our client needs, we provide

  • Our partners in care at our client’s home country (if available) will help them in getting visa and flight
  • We arrange for pre- arrival consultation with treating doctor who can address our client’s doubts and questions
  • Well informed, tailor made choices from the best hospitals/ recruited doctors for our client,s
  • Our dedicated 24 x 7 client manager assignment to each client will assist them in all their
  • We deal our clients medical records in at most confidence and privacy
  • Affordable, quality, multi 0 specialty options under one roof without waiting list
  • We provide a language
  • We provide our clients home country food, should that be their specific requirement
  • We arrange accommodation for accompanying person close to treating We also arrange for a local tour for the accompanying person if required.
  • We also help plan recuperation trip after the medical procedure, if our client ways to explore the country as a
  • We assist in airport transfer and other travel
  • We arrange for post treatment follow up/ consultation at our client’s home


Our clients will enjoy complete- free medical travel when they undergo treatment with any of the health care facility through us.

Why Us on Medical tourism?

Haleluya tours Limited supports borderless medical services at high quality. Our service is specially-tailored and geared to satisfy this need. Here are a few more reasons why Us We are your best choice to ensure a safe and stress-free medical travel experience.

  1. We provide time healthcare when it’s needed
  2. We provide the right to access the latest innovation in medical science
  3. We offer many destination in within our country around to accommodate your travel desires and budget . so, you have many options to choose
  4. Our team of health tourism experts has personally conducted comprehensive research, performed site inspections of the hospitals and hotels and has interviewed the dudgeons


Our partners enjoy full support from our expert team, transparency in operations.

What are our expectations from your end?

  • Maintain utmost confidentiality regarding our client’s medical details
  • Local marketing (where we will help you with our ideas, brochures, pamphlets, online marketing, meeting by expert doctors)
  • The first line of contact for our clients in your
  • Sending medical reports to our central office/ case manager
  • Updating clients about the feedback from treating hospital/ doctor
  • Helping our Doctors your area to get visa and other pre travel requirements
  • Coordinating with haleluya tours medical team and arranging pre arrival consultation or post treatment follow up for our client if