Lendorosi Route – 8 Days

Lendorosi Route

Day1: Whenever you arrive, you’ll be personally met and transferred to a lovely resort in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro 1st highest mountain in Africa. Those arriving specially early can book optional activities. Then, spend the afternoon with your mountain guide preparing for the climb.

Day 2: Londrossi to shira One
Estimated Distance 12 km, Hike time 5-6 hours
Final Elevation 3500 m, Elevation changed 1050 m
After breakfast, drive to the Londorossi Park Gate. After pepar work at the gate continue driving up to Mto wa Simba campsite, stopping for lunch. Arrive at the campsite, during early evening. The drive through the Shira plateau is one of the best opportunities to see big game on Kilimanjaro Park.

Day 3: Shira (1) to Shira (11) Camp
Estimated Distance 4-5 km, Hike time 2-3 hours
Final Elevation 3800 m , Elevation changed 300 m
After breakfast, begins the short hike to Shira hut campsite. This is usually takes no more than 2 hours, but this rest is required for adequate acclimatization. The west face of Kibo volcano (usually referred as Kilimanjaro) looms above the campsite. Have lunch, rest or take a day hike. This hike traverses the lower moorland where large shrubs and wildflowers dominate the landscape.

Day 4: Shira 11 to Baranco Camp
Estimated Distance 8 km, Hike time 6-7 Hours
Final Elevation 3950 m, Elevation change 250 m
After breakfast, set off to Barranco (3950 m) skirting just below Lava Tower-you are now walking at approx altitude of 4000m around the southern side of the Kibo. A few steep sections of scree and rock, some sand and ‘dunes’. This is a part of acclimatization–walking up to 4800 m, and overnight at 3950 m Once again, pace yourself to graduate slowly.

Day 5: Barranco camp to Barafu
Estimated Distance 8 km, Hike time 8-9 hours
Final Elevation 4600 m, Elevation changed 750 m
Continue from Barranco across and up towards Barafu Hut (4600 m) Today you cross the Barranco Wall–it’s a climb over rock-not technical, but tiring and hard /long–ending up in the valley for the Heim Glacier view. Learn to pace yourself with your breathing–do not rush to catch up anyone, go at your own, most comfortable speed and you will arrive at the base camp relatively comfortably rest. The summit day starts early.

Elevation change: + 1300 m, Elevation change -2800 m
Summit time : 7 hours , Estimated distance: 6 km
Final elevation: Descent time: 6 hours , Estimated distance: 12 km
Wake at about 12:30 a.m to alight snack and begin the summit ascent. It is usual to start this day’s walking very early in the morning to see the sunrise at crater rim at Stella point and try to avoid the mist. Continue another half hour to the rooftop of Africa – Uhuru Peak at (5895 m 19’340 ft) Stop for brief and a bit of rest and photo opportunity. Views of Mawenzi to the east and Mount Meru to the west as well as the rift valley are breathtaking and awesome. Kilimanjaro glaciers are as awe-inspiring as they are pristine. After a rest, descend back to Barafu hut campsite, break camp and descend to Mweka hut campsite at 9’850ft elevation. Set up camp, eat dinner and get some well-deserved rest. A long day of hiking totaling to approximately 12- 14 hours, depending on the fitness of the climber.

Day 7: Mweka Gate to Hotel
Estimated time 3-4 hours, Estimated distance 8 km
Elevation change –1600 m, Final Elevation 1500 m
Wake to breakfast, break camp, and begin the short hike won to the park gate to Mweka Park exit Gate. Drive from park gate back to Moshi – Key’s Annex hotel / alternative hotel.

After breakfast prepare for the town tour till lunch hours then back to the hotel for the final preparation to get back home OR other destination.

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