Marangu Route – 7 Days (From $1,300pp)

Marangu Route

Day 1: Whenever you arrive, you’ll be personally met and transferred to a lovely resort in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro 1st   highest mountain in Africa. Those arriving specially early can book optional activities. Then, spend the afternoon with your mountain guide preparing for the  climb.

Day 2: Marangu gate to Mandara Hut

Distance 63 km, Duration 5 days minimum

Distance estimated 7 km, Hike time  4-5 hours

Elevation changed 1000 m, Final elevation 2700 m

From Marangu gate we follow the path up through the  rain forest dense. Few mammals  can be spotted along the way while slowly heading to Mandara Hut.

Day 3: Mandara Hut to Horombo Hut

Estimated distance 11 km, Hike time 5-7 hours

Elevation changed 1000 m, Final elevation 3700 m

We starts our trekking up through the dense again for 1hours, then very clear view of jagged peaks of Mawenzi looking higher than Kibo  from this angle. Is easy to follow the trail although undulating and steep in places up to Horombo Hut.

Day 4: Horombo Hut to Kibo Hut

Estimated distance 8 km, Hike time 4-5 hours

Elevation changed 1000 m, Final elevation 4700 m

From  Horombo Hut we continue gradually gaining height  pass last water point .Continue across the Saddle–flat  plain  between Kibo and  Mawenzi  the arrive to the base camp.

Day 5: Kibo Hut to Uhuru Peak

Plus Descent to Horombo

Estimated distance 4 km, Hike time 7-8 hours

Elevation changed 1195 m, Final elevation 5895 m


Estimated  distance 14 km, Estimated time 5-7 hours

Elevation changed 2000 m, Final elevation 3700 m

We start trekking to the summit early hours of the day to see  the sunrise  from the crater rim and give more chance of avoiding mist. After short brief at Gilman’s 5680m  the second Highest point we proceed to Uhuru Peak 5895 m (13,940 ft). Its important not to arrive at Uhuru Peak very early, as this will mean waiting, sometimes in extremely cold conditions. Our experienced guide will have assessed already before left the base camp ,the abilities  of the everyone to  pace the walk up scree  and  arrival  exactly  the right time at the Peak.

After summit brief and photo’s, descent via the same route to Kibo Hut. From Gilman’s the scree is blissfully easy going compared with the slog up.

Day 6: Horombo Hut to Marangu Gate

Estimated distance 16 km, Estimated time 5-7 hours

Elevation changed 1900 m, Final elevation 1700 m

Today is the last day of the trip, retrace slowly, following the trail down via Mandara Hut where you will break then proceed to the park gate where you will meet the transport, transfer to the Hotel.

Day 7: After breakfast prepared for the town tour till lunch hours, back to the hotel for the departure preparations.