Cultural Tours

Cultural Safari

In Tanzania, a land of super landscape and spectacular wildlife, another attraction stands equally tall that is the people. Tanzania’s people are among the most welcoming and approachable on earth, with a range of fascinating cultures ready  to be shared with visitors. From the wachaga of  the slopes of mt Kilimanjaro to the the now world famous – mason, a cultural excursion or a longer stay amoung local people is likely to became one of the most rewarding experience of any holiday in Tanzania.

Most  cultural  tourism programmes are located near the main thoroughfare of the principal tourist destinations, making a cultural addition to a safari easily arranged. Guides are local people born and raised in the area, well trained  in their jobs and proficient in English and other foreign languages. Cultural tours can be half-day events or incorporated into a longer safari. Whether you  spend the morning in a Maasai boma or trek by a camel up a local summit, stopping to learn about traditional plants, and tribal stories, a cultural tour is a mist-do for anyone  interested to see the rich life of the Tanzanian people.

Some of the Tanzanian best-known cultural tourism destination include:

Eyasi-home to some of the last hunters -gatherers in Africa ,the Hadzabe bushmen have made the area around Lake Eyasi their long time hunting grounds. Day trips with the hadzabe  bushmen give visitors a chance to experience a way of life that has long since vanished elsewhere on the planet. Morning hunts with bows and arrows, offers a fascinating glimpse into an ancient way of life.  Kilimanjaro-why not combine a hike up the World’s most impressive mountain with a visit to its people, the historically progressive Wachagga? see tradition and modern chagga arts, culture and homes. Maasailand-see how the Maasai ,amoung the last of the World’s pastoral  people, are adopting to the 21st century in their own way and in their own time.

Engaruka-the lost city in the shadow of the Great Rift wall, where the Maasai mix irrigation, farming and traditional herding. In Mkuru, near Arusha National park, short camel treks with local  Maasai give visitors a glimpse into nomadic culture, as they climb nearby Ol Donyo landaree.

Meru-only minutes in any direction from bustling Arusha are sports that look and feel as they did decades ago.