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Haleluya Tours Tanzania is a tour operating company whose main offices are situated in Kilimanjaro region, the City of Mount Kilimanjaro, the roof of Africa. Our company operates in all aspects of tourism not limited to adventure safaris, mountain climbing, bird and wild animals sound listening safaris within the country. Haleluya Tours & Safaris Ltd offers admirable safaris to the game reserve, cultural centers, beach holidays and National parks at fairly rates.

Mountain Trekking

Trekking in Tanzania is a brilliant way to experience the mountains and beautiful views of the country. You can set foot on the top of Africa highest mountain, Kilimanjaro  or just walk through the lush forest for few hours.

Tours & Safaris

Enjoy the sight of wildlife on breathtaking wildlife safaris. Search for the wildlife safaris located all over the globe at!

Beach Holiday

The Zanzibar or Unguja  Island  95 kilometers long and 35 kilometers from the Tanzania mainland. Only few countries in the world equal  Zanzibar’s long  whites sand beaches leading to warm aquamarine water providing  the back drop  for excellent snorkeling and diving. With a history steeped in the slave trade and as an  important trading post for  cloves and spices   the island  is now a popular tourist destination and essentially a nineteenth century phenomenon.

Zanzibar’s old quarter, Stone Town, is a fascinating maze of narrow streets and alley ways which lead past numerous old houses and mosques, ornate palaces, and shops and bazaars. Many buildings in the Stone Town date from the 15 th century slave boom.

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